Summer Partnerships : NRBA and Hope Reins!

Refugee Hope Partners gets the privilege of working with a lot of kids that have a wide variety of interests. So when there’s an opportunity to partner with a great organization to send some of our kids to camp, we get really excited. This summer we were able to partner with two great organizations.


Hope Reins is a horse ranch that pairs hurting kids with rescued horses to find hope and healing. At Hope Reins, 10 elementary school children were able to go to camp for a week of fun activities and horseback riding. Through the activities and interactions with horses, our kids have experienced personal growth. Many of the children attending have experienced trauma as a result of being a refugee. At Hope Reins, the kids are able to open up, feel safe, and have fun. Some of the girls attending have begun to talk more, laugh, and even run around playing tag. Before our trips to Hope Reins, we had not seen that. One of the most exciting things was seeing them experience riding on a horse for the first time!

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 3.32.38 PM.png

North Ridge Basketball Academy is right down the road from Cedar Point, and we have many middle and high schoolers who love playing basketball. This year beyond sending kids to camp during the summer, we also have three middle school boys receiving one on one coaching each week. We are excited for what's to come out of all of our basketball players!

Each organization we partner with encourages and builds up our kids while also sharing the gospel. Everytime we get kids involved in a program we can witness the confidence growing in them, friendships made, and lots of smiling faces!

Amanda Herbert