Summer Partnership: New Life Camp

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New Life Camp has been such a blessing to the Cedar Point community. They have allowed our students to come to camp for many years. Some of our high school students went to summer camp for the ninth time this summer! Refugee Hope Partners was able to send 50 kids ages 5-18 to NLC for day camp or overnight camp. These kids were immersed in the gospel, surrounded by community, and able to experience all sorts of new and exciting things during their time at New Life Camp. Hearts were stirred and seeds were planted. Some of our students made decisions to follow Christ for the first time and others recommitted their lives to Jesus. When asked about their summer, one middle school student replied, 

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"It was fun coming to New Life Camp this year..because we experience a lot of things we don't usually experience and we're thankful for that. I'm thankful that we get to come to New Life Camp. I really think that kids should come to New Life Camp, especially those who do not know God because they get to know who God is and get to know the way to God. I'm so thankful I get to come to New Life Camp and learn more about God. Just to let you know, I LOVE coming to New Life Camp!"

One of our high schoolers said, “Every time I come to camp it's just this inclusive space where you feel loved and taken care of.” We are so thankful that New Life Camp has loved and served our community so well. Refugee Hope Partners desires to see lives changed by the gospel, and NLC has fostered that in the lives of our kids.

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Amanda Herbert