Back To School Sale!

One desire of Refugee Hope Partners is to partner with local churches. This summer, a tangible way we did that was by asking several churches to commit to collect certain school supplies for our community. It is so incredible to see the body of Christ coming together to support and meet tangible needs in our neighborhood. RHP also hopes to help our refugee neighbors without just giving handouts. We have found that if we charge a discounted rate for the school supplies, the kids can see their parents provide for them and the parents feel a sense of pride and dignity because we are giving them a way to be that provider. 

This summer, churches in the Triangle collected pencils, paper, notebooks, journals, binders, backpacks, and much more. What would have cost thousands of dollars was generously donated instead. One of the things that takes a lot of planning and spreadsheets is figuring out what each of the schools are asking for. Once we had the lists compiled for four of the schools our kids go to, we had a wonderful group of ladies come to help us pack each grade’s supply bag. 

On the day of the school supply sale excitement levels are high! Moms and kids begin standing in line hours before the doors open. Kids want to pick out the perfect backpack; whether that is one covered in sequins, unicorns, or emojis. It is a bit chaotic to say the least, but it is also one of our favorite events of the year. Thank you to all of those that made it possible!

Amanda Herbert