Early Learning Club

Early Learning Club exists to foster intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development through exploration and enriching experiences in a warm and loving environment for children ages 3-4 years old in the Cedar Point community. Our goal is to help equip and support students for a successful entrance into kindergarten by exposing them to the structure of a classroom and English as a second language. Our time is filled with free play, carpet time, and stations encouraging language, literacy, math, art, and games. We are thrilled that most of our ELC graduates have finished kindergarten on grade level!

We have two age integrated classes that meet on alternating days Monday - Thursday from 9-11am.

Ways to be involved in Early Learning Club :

Assistant Teacher Volunteer: For every day of class we have a small group of volunteers who are committed to serving in the program once a week to assist the lead teacher. Assistants are expected play and interact with students, help facilitate activities and help with supervision. We require these volunteers to make at the least a semester long commitment.

Provide Snack - If you would like to help provide snack for our ELC program you can contact us to coordinate a drop off time or you can visit our Amazon Snack wish list and provide a snack from the comfort of your chair!

Provide materials for Classroom - If you would like to help provide toys and materials for our classroom you can do so by visiting our Amazon Early Learning Wish List!

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