High School/College Homework Help

high school and college students 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Cedar Point Community Center

Homework Help is in many ways the gateway to our ministry. It is where we typically meet families and students for the first time, and is the program which involves our largest pool of volunteers. The program is available to any student living in the Cedar Point community. All of the students are English as a Second Language learners who are working hard to succeed in school while acclimating to a new language and culture. We use the Cedar Point Community Center space, a variety of teaching resources, access to technology, and the love of many volunteers to help the students achieve academic success.

Our high school/college Homework Help program is an especially important program.  As students move into higher levels of schooling, the need for more focused tutoring increases.  It is our joy to provide Homework Help for these students Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights from 7-8:30 pm in the Cedar Point Community Center.

We follow the Wake County Public School System’s traditional calendar.

How to get involved :

Tutor : We need tutors willing to serve in this program.  This is a flexible, “come as you can” volunteer opportunity.  These students are working so hard to move ahead! Would you partner with them? Don’t let the higher school levels intimidate you.  Many of our students need help just processing reading material and understanding vocabulary. Event a commitment of once/month would be a big help.

This is a "come as you can" opportunity - but we do require you to signup before coming so we know how many tutors to expect on a given evening.   - https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080948a9a82ba13-rhphigh

This is a great place for couples, friends, and small groups to serve side-by-side. You will also receive the blessing of meeting a great group of students working hard toward their future.

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