Homework Help


 Monday thru Thursday
Cedar Point Community Center

2:45pm-4:15 pm - Middle School Students
4:15-6:00 pm - Elementary Students

2019-2020 Homework Help starts on Monday, August 26th!

Homework Help is in many ways the gateway to our ministry. It is where we typically meet families and students for the first time, and is the program which involves our largest pool of volunteers. The program is available to any student living in the Cedar Point community. All of the students are English as a Second Language learners who are working hard to succeed in school while acclimating to a new language and culture. We use the Cedar Point Community Center space, a variety of teaching resources, access to technology, and the love of many volunteers to help the students achieve academic success. Each day, we encourage students to read for 20 minutes and track their progress with quarterly incentives. Starting in kindergarten, if a student reads 20 minutes a day at home, they will hear 1.8 million words per year.  They will have read for 851 hours by 6th grade and on standardized tests, they will likely score better than 90% of their peers.

Students are grouped by age at two different times in the afternoon, so we can best serve our Elementary and Middle school aged students. High school and college aged students are served in our Evening Homework Help program.

We follow the Wake County Public School System’s traditional calendar.

How to get involved :

Homework Help Tutor (Commitment Level: Flexible)

This is a “come as you can”  opportunity so we do not ask for a commitment of a specific day or time. We need volunteers for all time slots. Whether you can do one day a week, once a month, or even just want to come and see what we are all about, we welcome you to come serve as a tutor. Students have a range of needs, from learning the alphabet to algebra, as well as a listening ear to read aloud to.

Afternoon Homework Help Host (Commitment Level : One day per week for any homework help time slot)

Every afternoon over one hundred students attend Homework Help.  Our staff is stretched thin managing the classroom and line outside. We need a few folks to serve one day per week as a room host for this program.  Job duties include welcoming students and volunteers, organizing books throughout the Homework Help time, and jumping in where needed. As a volunteer, we understand the need to miss time to time, but we are looking for a few people to commit to coming once per week (most weeks) for this role.

All homework help volunteers must attend a volunteer orientation before serving. Check out our Calendar to sign up for an upcoming orientation session!

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