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Our internship program is designed to provide high school and college age students with the opportunity to gain experience in serving and loving our refugee neighbors for the sake of the gospel here in Raleigh, NC. We like to work with our interns to create a meaningful and enriching experience based off their interests and talents and the needs of our programs. During their experience, interns will work through the study “When Helping Hurts” by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert with members of our staff to help gain a better understanding of the model RHP follows to help those in our community effectively.  

The Internship is an unpaid position.

The internship experience can be part-time or full time depending on your needs.

We have three different sessions for interns:

Fall Semester Internships

Spring Semester Internships

Summer Internships

Need an internship for school?

We will gladly work with you and your school faculty to help gain academic credit for your time with Refugee Hope Partners.

Interested in applying for our
internship program?

Hear from a few of our past interns and what their internship experience meant to them!

“The first time I walked into the community center at RHP, I felt like I had jumped off the high dive into the deep-end without knowing how to swim. There were children everywhere and I mean literally everywhere. I had to wade through a crowd just to get in the door. Little did I know that in a month or two I’d be in the middle of the same crowd giving high fives and seeing people who had become like family.

My time as an intern with Refugee Hope Partners changed the way I viewed living in community, living intentionally and living abundantly. RHP isn’t effective because of their budget, or experiences, but because they look to maximize their impact and service to others. Deep, loving community organically follows when sacrificial service is the center. RHP brings together so many people with the widest range of stories I’ve ever heard. But, no matter what their story is they are grafted into a family. The staff, and volunteers alike love people intentionally so that in turn they can hear the gospel. What separates RHP from other similar organizations is their commitment to share the gospel and disciple others. They don’t care for carings sake but love towards a higher purpose. Together, the community and intentionally create an oasis of hope in an area where people can live abundantly together knowing that they have people who support and love them.

Personally, my experience with RHP has affected the way I go about my day and my outlook on missions. Serving with homework help gave me a passion to teach totally changing the major, and even university I had planned on. Whatever small impact I made at RHP, I received more than that in return. I consider it a blessing that I was graciously given the opportunity to be in such a place, where people are, community is deep, and life is abundant.”

David, Fall 2017 Intern


 "Working at Cedar Point in the Fall of 2017 was a vibrant and joyful experience. At first, I was worried I would be more in the way than helpful, but I was quickly swept up into the family of Refugee Hope Partners from day one. As my confidence remained precarious in regards to middle school math, my relationships grew quickly with the kids, as they began to recognize my face and realize I was there to stay as long as I could. One of the best things I learned at Refugee Hope Partners was that serving isn’t about what you know, or necessarily about how well you do something, it’s about how you love. I learned a lot about humility, patience, culture, and of God’s steadfast love from both the staff and the people of the Cedar Point Community.

It was truly a sweet semester of laughter and vitality. The kids bring an energy and joy to life even through the hardship they are facing. In addition to Homework Help, one of my favorite parts of interning with Refugee Hope Partners was helping out with the Preschool twice a week. I began to make connections with siblings of the kids I helped during Homework Help and get a deeper understanding of the community at Cedar Point. It is obvious that God has been and will continue to work through the ministry of Refugee Hope Partners as he bless them with an amazing staff, loving community involvement, and spreading the Gospel to the nations as they come to us."

Amy Grace, Fall 2017 Intern