Read & Swim


Read and Swim serves as our main summer program for students K-12th grade and is aimed at helping students maintain or improve English reading proficiency over the summer. Students are given an opportunity to read three days a week with a tutor. Students who read all three times in a week "earn" a swim time at the New Life Camp swimming pool! Read and Swim fills a void in the summer months for many students who have nothing to do while school is out. What better way to spend your summer than working on your reading skills and learning to swim!

Reading in Community Center

Monday-Wednesday from 3-5 pm

It will be split up in 4 reading shifts, with a new group of kids coming in for every session. 

3-3:30pm , 3:30-4pm , 4-4:30pm , 4:30-5pm

Swimming in New Life Camp pool on Thursday afternoon/Evenings

Littles Swim Time : 3:00 - 4:30pm

Girls Only Swim Time : 5:45 - 6:45pm

Boys Swim Time : 7:00 - 8:00 pm


Ways to be involved :

Reading Tutor

During our reading times we invite volunteers to come and listen to students read out loud in the community center. Opportunities for one-on-one reading encourages a love for literacy and self confidence in our students.


During our Thursday swim times we invite volunteers to come swim with our students, help supervise the pool, and help teach swim lessons.


  • Help us provide all our swimmers after their swim time each week with a small snack and juice box. Donations can be collected prior to swim days.  

  • Provide dinner for our staff and lifeguards one Thursday night. Swim days are long days our team as they transport students and run the pool deck from 3-9pm and it is a blessing to have food provided for everyone during their breaks to recharge!

  • Lifeguard Certified?

We are looking for certified lifeguards to hire for our summer swim times! Reach out to us below and we would love to talk to you about our pay and schedule.  

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Read and Swim!

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