The Bridge

One especially difficult time in the life of refugee students is the transition from youth to adulthood. High School graduation is a perfect example. It is a great day – everyone is happy and celebrating. Parents are beaming as their children achieve a milestone that was often impossible where they have come from. Once the dust settles, it often ends up being a very sad day. It is sad because the graduating students do not know what to do next. It is the first time since they arrived in the US that there is not a defined “next thing”. We desire to partner with young adults as they move toward a self-sustaining future by providing tools to assist them in taking next steps.

Only 1 percent of refugees enroll in college or university.  Across the world, enrollment in college or university stands at 36 percent.
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How to get involved :

Mentor a student  

We need adult volunteers to mentor students as they evaluate future opportunities.  Students are interested in post high school education, vocational training, and military service.

Give toward our scholarship fund

These funds are used for fees associated with applications, testing, and test prep.  There are over 100 students in the 16-26 age group living at Cedar Point so the need is great.  

Host a Bridge Program Event

We would like to expose the Bridge Program participants to many activities outside Cedar Point. We are looking for individuals who are interested in hosting/sponsoring a special event or dinner for these amazing young people.

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