Read and Swim - 2017

At 8:00 pm this past Thursday, we loaded the last of the swimmers onto vans at New Life Camp for the short drive back to Cedar Point. As the vans pulled away, we saw this sunset unfolding.  Several team members ran up to the upper ball field behind the pool to capture this image. No filter was needed.  A beautiful, North Carolina summer sunset took our breath away.

For seven weeks this summer, kids have read three times per week in order to earn a swim time at the New Life Camp pool.  Over 150 students participated over the course of the summer. Dozens of reading tutors showed up day after day. Many students moved ahead in reading level - some by leaps and bounds.  Several students learned how to read for the first time. Each Thursday night, the New Life Camp pool was FULL of students who had read all three times each week.  Swimming lessons were taught.  Many took and passed the swim test.  Many carefree summer nights were spent enjoying the beauty and fun of the pool.


We are thankful to the many who volunteered! 

We are thankful to the many who prayed for us this summer!

We are thankful to God for keeping us all safe and providing such an amazing facility for us to enjoy!

We are thankful for the community we serve.  It is a special place and we get to hang out with some of the coolest people!

We are thankful for the relationships that have been built and strengthened as we worked together this summer!

We are thankful to God for providing what we needed every step of the way.  He is faithful!

On August 10, we will take our BEST READERS of the summer for a special swim celebration.  Over 60 students have read at least 15 out of 20 times possible this summer.  Midtown Community Church will provide a special treat for us to enjoy.

We have seen progress in other areas this summer.  Some kids have learned how to smile and enjoy being a kid.  Some have learned how to trust someone new.  Others have learned to control emotions as they wait in line to read in the summer heat.  When we step back from it all, we see this beautiful sunset to close out the summer.  To God be the Glory! 

We will break from summer reading so we can gear up for the start of school and Homework Help - both begin August 28th.  Be sure to check back in for more information to come.


Michele Suffridge