We have so much to be thankful for this year, including

  • Renovations to our Community Center

  • Launching as a non-profit under our new name - Refugee Hope Partners

  • Gaining our 501-c3 status

  • Starting an Elementary boys Bible Study

  • Starting a new school year with several new families

  • The beginnings of The Bridge Program are under way

and many more!

The week of Thanksgiving Break we had our Bible Studies gather for a Thanksgiving feast. On the tables, students were able to write down things they were thankful for. One of our Middle School students wrote this:

“I am thankful for being alive and having people that can help us with our life. For people's expertise with the Word and people that teach us about God. I'm thankful for our clothes, a place to live, and the freedom to talk about and say what ever we want. We can teach others about God without going to jail, that we can even have hands and legs. That we have shoes, that we have church, that we have food to eat. That we even have water and sports and for a camp to go to."

We hope you join us in thanking God for all the wonderful blessings He gives to His children.

Michele Suffridge